East Maitland Executive Apartments | East Maitland Executive Apartments

Conditions of stay

To confirm your booking, please acknowledge acceptance of the terms below:

  1. I confirm that I am responsible for all charges pertaining to this booking. I authorise Wallsend on Longworth Apartments Pty Ltd to charge my credit card for any outstanding charges, loss, destruction, damage or complaints against me and all occupants of my unit. I authorize Wallsend on Longworth Apartments Pty. Ltd. to charge my credit card for a bond of up to $500 on the date of my arrival. This bond is meant as a deterrent for noise or damage to our property. It will be refunded within 2 days of checkout should no issues arise.
  2. I acknowledge that Wallsend on Longworth Apartments Pty Ltd enforces a strict NO NOISE and NO PARTIES policy. I understand that I am responsible for all guests staying in my unit. Should the manager be called to quell any disturbance, my credit card WILL be charged a $200 call out fee and $400 for each subsequent attendance. I acknowledge that Wallsend on Longworth Apartments Pty. Ltd. reserves the right to evict any guest, at any time, for any reason. NO REFUNDS will be issued to evicted guests and police will attend to escort the offending person from the property.
  3. I acknowledge that all visitors must leave the property by 10pm. Only the number of guests registered are permitted to stay in the apartment after this time. Management has the right to evict any un-registered guests after 10pm.
  4. I acknowledge that Wallsend on Longworth Apartments Pty. Ltd. is strictly a NON-SMOKING property. Smoking inside units will result in an extra cleaning fee, at management’s discretion.
  5. I acknowledge that Wallsend on Longworth Apartments Pty. Ltd. is not liable for any loss, damage or destruction to any property or vehicles brought upon the premises.
  6. For full privacy policy regarding collection of personal information please go to our website: Wallsend on Longworth


Pre-check in

Please read this message carefully, as there is information we need before you can access the property. If you require any assistance or have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on 02 4062 7090 or bookings@charlestownapartments.com.au

If there is no Reception at the property, we must organise check in with you prior to arrival. You can do this in one of two ways. We ask that you make contact before 3pm on the date of arrival to confirm which option you choose for check-in:

OPTION A: You may check in with your credit card and matching ID at our reception, located in Charlestown. You will need to do this before 6pm on the arrival date.

The addresses for this Reception desk is:

Charlestown Executive Apartments:
45-47 Dickinson Street, Charlestown, 2290. Office hours: 9am – 630pm daily.


OPTION B: Send an email prior to 3pm on the date of your arrival to bookings@charlestownapartments.com.au. You must send the following three items:

  1. Photo of your Driver’s Licence or Government Issued Identification card. You may black out all personal information and numbers, as long as we can see your NAME and photo clearly.
  2. Photo of the front of the credit card used to pay for this booking. Please make sure the numbers are visible, as we need this information to take a bond. ID and credit card must be in same name as the guest staying, otherwise separate authorisation must be provided. If you are not comfortable with showing all the numbers, you may black out all but the last four digits. The name on the card must be visible. If you choose to do this, you will need to contact us by phone to give the rest of the numbers so we may take a bond.
  3. Please respond to this e-mail with “I agree” to acknowledge and agree to our terms below.

After pre-check in has been completed:

You will be sent a unique access code to gain entry to your apartment.

This information is sent via SMS text message, so please ensure your mobile phone number has been provided with the booking.

We have had to implement the above measures to prevent fraud caused by use of stolen credit cards, ensure your security and your quiet enjoyment of our property.

We appreciate your cooperation and hope you enjoy your stay!